New Website Under Construction

Prestige Property for Sale, Dordogne, Website DesignThis site for Maison Neuve, a prestige residence for sale in the Dordogne, Aquitaine is visually stunning. One of my favourite designs to date, it incorporates unobtrusive interactive thumbnail slideshows. Designed to display photographs of the property with relevant descriptions which change with each slide. To be published very soon.


Dog Blog

I am a real boxer fanatic and as my beloved Poppy is getting rather old now, I recently decided to get her a companion. We ended up with Zeus who we found through Boxer Amis, a rescue association dedicated especially to boxer dogs in France. Of course this is a very large national association with its many members loving to share photographs and antics of their beloved canines.

Blog Website for Boxer Dogs French Naturally, instead of going through the time consuming process of uploading photographs through their forum I decided to create their own WordPress blog, L’Histoire de Belle Poppy, and by doing this I can also share their adventures and photos with other french friends.

What I would refer to as one of my “Hobby Blogs” it is simple, quick and easy to use as for me it is not a development project or a business site but one I just like to update when I have time in between research, development and writing code. But, unprofessional as this one is, the french love it!!

Of course, I then decide I wish to share the same photos and antics with my english family and friends so the next time filler was to start another blog for them in english, The Adventures of Poppy and Zeus. I had all good intentions to write up all the history of the old girl, Poppy and commence the history of Zeus on their own pages with their daily antics on the “Home” (Blog) page. I totally forgot the huge number of adventures my darling old squishy face has had during her 8 years and just how many thousands of photos I hve taken of her. Feel free to take a look but bear in mind that my own history will probably be near its end by the time I come to finish writing Poppys.

New Blog for La Maison Ancienne

website_chambres_d_hotes_limousinUp and running for over a year, the owners of La Maison Ancienne Chambres d’Hotes, Rhona and Mark, have decided to add a “blog page” to their main website We agreed that it would be an excellent idea to keep in touch with guests and an easy way to receive feedback, experiences and ideas. Rhona admits she doesn’t have a great deal of spare time or patience for the computer but wanted an easy way to keep in touch ahd let people know of special offers and local events, etc.

blog_bed_and_breakfast_limousinTherefore, I set-up a very simple add-on blog using WordPress 2010 theme that Rhona can easily use to share information with the minimum of effort and without spending too much time at the computer. As part of the main website package Rhona also has the reassurance that I am always on hand if she needs any help or has any teething problems with her new blog.